Malay Concordance Project

Feel free to use the resources of this project.

The project aims to help scholars share resources for the study of classical Malay literature.  In the last year it has been consulted by scholars from more than 30 countries world-wide, who made over 20,000 searches.

Its main feature is a growing corpus of classical Malay texts, now comprising 165 texts and 5.8 million words, including 140,000 verses.  These texts can be searched on-line to provide useful information about:
     •   contexts in which words are used,
     •   where particular terms or names occur in texts,
     •   patterns of morphology and syntax.

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Contributors of texts:

Amelia Ceridwen

Henri Chambert-Loir

Annabel Gallop

Mulaika Hijjas

Virginia Hooker

Ulrich Kratz

Gijs Koster

E. Douglas Lewis

Goriaeva Lioubov

Julian Millie

George Miller


Ben Murtagh

National University of Singapore,
Jawi Transliteration Project

Oman Fathurahman

Syed Omar Syed Husain

Ian Proudfoot

Titik Pujiastuti

Jan van der Putten

Raimy Che' Ross

Hans Strever


Amin Sweeney

Edwin Wieringa