Cerita Patani dan Kelantan
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Cerita Patani dan Kelantan


Muhammad Yusoff Hashim (ed.), Terengganu Darul Iman: Tradisi Persejarahan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, 1991, Lampiran 3, pp.842-849.


[whereabouts currently unknown]


text & manuscript:  1876


text & manuscript:  Terengganu, written by Haji Abdullah, a court historian, formerly in the possession of Nara Wangsa Mohamed Ali, better known as the Dato' Mata-mata, of Trengganu.


4510 words.


to the pages (842-849) and lines of the printed edition, thus: CPK 847:22.

Editorial notes and bibliography
The text presented by Muhammad Yusoff Hashim is the Malay text published by Marriott’s “Fragment” in 1916.  Muhammad Yusoff Hashim has modernised its spelling, added more punctuation, and made some other minor changes.
Marriott (p.4) summarises the content of this text as follows:
The fragment describes the struggles between Kelantan and Trengganu from about 1770 to 1835, when the further intervention by Trengganu in Kelantan affairs was peremptorily stopped by Siam. The Sultan Mahmud of Linggi referred to in the text was the father of Sultan Hussain of Singapore. He was driven out of Eio by the Dutch in 1785, and found a refuge in Trengganu until the capture of Malacca by the English in 1795 permitted his return to his own country. The Tuan Snik of Kampong Raja who was raised by the Siamese to the Raja-ship of Kelantan was the famous Sultan of the Red Mouth who reigned in Kelantan until his death in 1877.
Marriott also provides an English translation of the whole text, which may be consulted here.
H. Marriott, “A Fragment of the History of Trengganu and Kelantan”, Journal of the Straits Branch, Royal Asiatic Society, no. 72, 1916, pp.4-23.
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