Hikayat Hasanuddin
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Hikayat Hasanuddin


Jan Edel, Hikajat Hasanoeddin, Meppel: Ten Brink, 1938.  Akademisch Proefschrift Rijksuniversiteit te Utrecht.


A — Cod.Or. 1711, Leiden University Library.

B — Cod.Or. 1746, Leiden University Library.


text:  ~1790;    manuscripts:  A  ~1800;  B  1818.


text:  Banten (or Batavia);

manuscripts:  A  ? Batavia > Royal Academy, Delft;  B  Government Secretariat, Batavia > Royal Academy, Delft.


17586 words.


to the pages (00-00) and approximated lines of the manuscript, to the pages (00-00) and lines of the printed edition, thus:   Hsn 00:00.

Editorial notes and bibliography
Edel infers that the Malay version of Hikayat Hasanuddin is a translation of the Javanese version, which it closely parallels.  In some places the Javanese text is better or more complete.  Edel presents the Malay and Javanese texts in parallel on facing pages.  The vowelled Javanese pegon text has been used where possible to provide the vowels for proper names in the Malay jawi text.
Editorially, Edel presents a synthetic text, using MS A as his base, but taking readings from MS B when these were judged better.  The implication is that the synthetic text is closer to an hypothesized ur-Malay text from which both A and B were copied.  Text Edel thinks should be omitted is enclosed in ( ), added is enclosed in [ ].
Added:  December 2010
The printed edition was scanned in Canberra by the MCP using Abbyy™ Finereader OCR, and its spelling modernised.