Hikayat Ibrahim ibn Adham
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Hikayat Ibrahim ibn Adham


Russell Jones, Hikayat Sultan Ibrahim ibn Adham: an edition of an anonyomous Malay text with translation and notes, Berkeley: Center for South and Southeast Asia Studies, University of California.  Monograph series No. 27.


Cohen Stuart no. 130A, Perpustakaan Nasional Republik Indonesia, Jakarta.


text:  perhaps about 1650;    manuscript:  1775.


text:  unknown;   attributed to Syaikh Abu Bakar al-Hadhramauti;
manuscript:  unknown;  collected by Cohen Stuart in Java.


26095 words.


to the pages (52-227) and lines of Jones' published edition.

Editorial notes
Jones' text is a composite, based principally on manuscript "A", but with additions and alternative readings from other manuscripts, namely:
  "B"   Van de Wall 120, Perpustakaan Nasional Republik Indonesia, Jakarta.  Dated 1861.   Probably copied in Malaya.
  "C"   Van de Wall 118, Perpustakaan Nasional Republik Indonesia, Jakarta.  Undated, 1860s.   Probably copied in Riau.
  "D"   Malayo-Polynésien 281, Bibliothèque nationale, Paris.   Dated 1825.  Copied in Riau
  "E"   MS 168214, School of Oriental and African Studies, London.   Dated 1802.  Probably from Bencoolen.
Jones' text is carefully annotated.   Additions from B, C, D and E are noted and marked by square brackets [ ], while omissions of text found in "A" are marked by / .   In the MCP text the [ ] markings are retained, but the omission markers and Jones' notes are omitted.
More extended excerpts from the secondary texts are provided in Jones' Appendix A as follows:
source theme Jones' pages & lines
D       The Ruler's departure from the palace 215:  1 - 218:50
B 219:  1 - 219:10
C 219:11 - 219:28
E 219:29 - 220:  5
B       The world can be likened to a house 223:  1 - 224:19
D       Sultan Ibrahim falls in with a Bedouin 225:  1 - 226:  2
B       Muhammad Tahir's parting words to his mother 227:  1 - 227:13
Added:  August 2002
The published text was double scanned using Recognita and Omnipage OCR, and then prepared in the normal manner.