Syair Ken Tambuhan
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Syair Ken Tambuhan


A. Teeuw (ed.), Shair Ken Tambuhan, Kuala Lumpur: Oxford University Press / University of Malaya Press, 1966.  Seri Klasik Melayu.


principally MS. 12914, School of Oriental and African Studies, with six other manuscripts listed below.


text:  ±1750    manuscripts:  1791, 1819, 1840, 1866, 1872.


text:  unknown, ?? Palembang;    manuscripts:  Bencoolen, Bangka, Singapore, Makasar.


22249 words, comprising 5240 verses.


to the pages (1-225) and the numbered stanzas on each page, thus:   KT 192:55.

Editorial notes and bibliography
In this edition, Teeuw tries to reconstruct a more correct text by comparing the variant readings of seven manuscripts.  He takes manuscript D, the oldest of the manuscripts, as his base text, but makes extensive use of variant readings.   Tthe resulting text is more regular than the text found in any of the manuscripts. 
The manuscripts he has plundered are:
A — Cod.Or. 1997, Leiden University Library;   dated 1840, from Makasar.
B — Cod.Or. 3375, Leiden University Library;   dated 1862, from Palembang.
D — MS. 12914, School of Oriental and African Studies, London;   dated 1791-1793, from Bencoolen.
E — Add. 3811, Cambridge University Library;   dated 1866, from Singapore.
M — Cod.Or. 1965, Leiden University Library;   undated.
P — Raffles no.7, Royal Asiatic Society, London;   1819, probably copied in Bencoolen.
S — unidentified manuscript from Singapore National Museum;   undated, no colophon.
Liaw Yock Fang, Sejarah Kesusasteraan Klassik, rev. ed., Singapura: Pustaka Nasional, 1982, pp.00-00.
R.O. Winstedt, A History of Classical Malay Literature, 2nd ed., Kuala Lumpur: Oxford University Press, 1969, pp.00-00.
Added:  January 2010
The printed edition was scanned in Canberra by the MCP, and its spelling modernised.