Cerita Kutai
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Cerita Kutai


C.A. Mees (ed.), De Kroniek van Kutai, proefschrift Universiteit te Leiden, Santpoort: 1935.


Schoemann V 2, Staatsbibliothek, Berlin.


text:  ±1625;    manuscript:  1849.


text:  Kutai, Kalimantan;    manuscript:  unknown, collected by Schoemann in Batavia before 1851.


39817 words.


to the pages (118-265)and lines of the printed text.

Editorial notes
Mees’ edition is a very conservative diplomatic transcription of the Schoemann manscript ("B").  Mees provides detailed references to alternative readings found in a roman-script transcription of a manuscript of the text belonging to the Sultan of Kutai;  but he makes no attempt to resolve divergent readings.  The text Mees presents is therefore quite raw.
This text has many passages that waver between Malay and Javanese, and some direct speech is heavily laden with Javanese.  To some extent, Javanese words and morphology have been assimilated to Malay patterns, but this has certainly not been achieved consistently.  Some adventurism in searches may be required.
Besides the Javanese element, the text is marked by an extensive lexicon, much of which is not found in standard Malay dictionaries.   The word list might occasionally prove useful.
Added:  April 2002
The text was scanned and edited in Canberra for the MCP.