Syair Kedatangan Sri Maharaja Siam di Betawi
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Syair Kedatangan Sri Maharaja Siam di Betawi


Marcus A.S. & Pax Benedicto (eds.), Kesatraan Melayu Tionghoa, Jilid 1, Jakarta: KPG [Keputakaan Populer Gramedia] bekerjasama dengan Yayasan Adikarya IKAPI & The Ford Foundation, 2000.


a printed pamphlet, XXXII 260, Perpustakaan Nasional Republik Indonesia, Jakarta.


text & pamphlet:  1871.


text & pamphlet:  Batavia.


3643 words, comprising 800 verses.


to the pages (2-35) of the 2000 edition, and to the stanzas on each page.

Editorial notes and bibliography
The author and publication details of the pamphlet are missing.& Its date is 1871, not 1870 as indicated in the Marcus & Benedicto edition.
The poem relates the visit of King Chulalongkorn to Batavia in March and April 1871, the festivities, his visits to places around the city, and his gift of a white elephant.  It provides many insights into urban life, giving a prominent role to the local Chinese.
The Marcus & Benedicto edition has modernised the spelling, but preserved the spellings of the original printed text.  Thus  gadja poeti  in the original becomes  gaja puti,   for the modern standard  gajah putih.  The Concordance text follows the practice of the Marcus & Benedicto edition.  However, in a few places, the text has been corrected against the original form given in Salmon & Lombard.
Salmon, Claudine & Denys Lombard, “Le poème en malais d'un peranakan sur la visite du roi Chulalongkorn à Batavia en 1871”, Archipel 22 (1981): 133-166. — provides extensive notes and a translation into French, treating the main part of the text (2:1-26:1) only.
Added:  July 2009.
The text was scanned in Canberra by the MCP using Abbyy™ Finereader OCR, and checked against the text provided by Salmon & Lombard.