Hikayat Nakhoda Muda
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Hikayat Nakhoda Muda


G.J. Drewes (ed.), De Biografie van een Minangkabausen Peperhandelaar in de Lampongs, ed. , 's-Gravenhage: Marinus Nijhoff, 1961.   Verhandelingen van het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde, deel 36.


MS 40323, School of Oriental and African Studies, London,   folios 1-55.


text:  1788;    manuscript:  before 1791.


text:  Bencoolen ?;    manuscript:  Lais, South Sumatra (just north of Bencoolen),  collected by Marsden.


17760 words, including 20 verses.


to the pages (103-153) and lines of the printed edition.

Editorial notes and bibliography:
This autobiographical text was written out by Nachoda La'udin for Butter Hunnings, the English factor (pétor) at Lais, South Sumatra.  It was translated into English by Marsden during his posting at Bencoolen, and published by him in English in 1830.
The work is commonly called Hikayat Nakhoda Muda, after the name of the principal character, the father of Nachoda La'udin.
•  W. Marsden (tr.), Memoirs of a Malayan Family, written by themselves, translated from the original, London: 1830.
•  Ariside Marre (tr.), Mémoires de Nakhoda Mouda de Samangka écrits par lui et ses enfants, Paris: 1868.
•  Hadijah Rahmat, In Search of Modernity (A Study of the Concepts of Literature, Authorship and Notions of Self in "Traditional" Malay Literature,  Kuala Lumpur: The Academy of Malay Studies, University of Malaya, 2001, chapter 5.
Further bibliographical details will be found in the introduction to Drewes' edition.
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