Surat Perjanjian Banjar-Belanda
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Surat Perjanjian Banjar-Belanda


Surat-Surat Perdjadjian antara Kesultanan Bandjarmasin dengan Pemerintahan2 V.O.C., Bataafse Republik, Inggeris dan Hindia-Belanda, 1635-1860, Djakarta: Arsip Nasional Republik Indonesia, 1965.


materials in Arsip Nasional Republik Indonesia, Jakarta, listed below.


1747-1860, as below.


principally Batavia.


30153 words.


to the pages (34..271) and lines of the printed collection.

Archival sources
# date
34-38 1747Renewal of Contract
47-57 1756Act of Renewal
70-74 1756Act of Submission
83-86 1787Act of Cession
86-89 1787Proclamation
91-108 1787Treaty
123-125 1787Proclamation
126-126 1787Subordinate Treaty
134-135 1787Codicil to Treaty
144-155 1797Contract
161-163 1802Act of Renewal
167-169 1802Act of Homage
171-177 1806Act of Renewal and Extension
187-188 1806Act of Homage
197-215 1817Contract
215-227 1823Amendment and Enlargement of Contact of 1817
229-246 1826Contract
249-252 1845Extension and Elucidation of Contract
255-257 1856Agreement on Coalmining Concession Boundaries
259-260 1856Act of Confirmation of Ruler of Banjarmasin
268-271 1860Proclamation
Editorial notes and bibliography
The texts are translations of bureaucratic-legal Dutch, and have the characteristics of translationese.  Noteworthy characteristics are
•  (1) convoluted attempts to match Dutch subordinate clauses;  
•  (2) the use of per- forms as calques of Dutch ‘voor’, e.g. perselamannya ‘voor Althoos’, for ever;  
•  (3) too-literal translations, as e.g. dengar-dengaran dengan kesetiaan for Dutch ‘gehoorsaamheit’, obedience.
Another peculiarity is the occasional use of me- forms as roots, producing memeganggui, dimenyempurnakan, dimemenentukan [!] etc.
cap:   text of a seal;
ttd.:   tanda tangan (signature) [in Balinese script].
Added:  November 2008
The text was scanned in Canberra by the MCP using Abbyy™ OCR, its spelling modernised and somewhat normalised.