Peringatan Sejarah Negeri Johor
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Peringatan Sejarah Negeri Johor


E.U. Kratz, Peringatan Sejarah Negeri Johor. Eine malaiische Quelle zur Geschichte Johors im 18. Jahrhundert, Wiesbaden: Otto Harrassowitz, 1973, as revised by Kratz.


Klinkert 24B, Leiden University Library.


text:  1750;    manuscript:  >1863.


text & manuscript:  Riau


12155 words, including 32 verses.


to the pages (7-31, 37-53) and lines of the manuscript, indicated in the published edition, thus:   PSNJ 37:12.


This text was kindly provided by Ulrich Kratz

Editorial notes and bibliography
Presented here is a revised version of the text Kratz published in 1973.  Kratz offers a faithful edition of Klinkert 24B, Leiden University Library, sourcing missing words from Von de Wall 196, Perpustakaan Nasional, Jakarta.  In all cases, these additions have been indicated as editorial amendments, enclosed in [ ].  Editorial omissions are indicated by [...].
In revising the edition he published in 1973, Kratz has made several kinds of changes to his text, including:
•  minor changes in spelling,
•  resolving some difficult readings given in Jawi the published version,
•  omission of some clearly unnecessary phrases,
•  extensive revision of the punctuation, giving new sense to many sections of the text.
Pages 31.18-37.11 of the manuscript present the text of a letter, which was read in the presence of the Sultan.  In the published edition, Kratz did not include this text, regarding it as probably an interpolation.  It is not included in the MCP text.
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Added:  May 2011.
A revised digital text was provided by Ulrich Kratz.  There may be minor discrepancies between the MCP text and the published text.  In such cases, the revised text presented in the MCP is to be preferred.