Hikayat Pahang
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Hikayat Pahang


Kalthum Jeran (ed.), Hikayat Pahang, Kuala Lumpur: Fajar Bakti, 1986. Siri Sastera Fajar Bakti.


A:  MS 937, University of Malaya Library, Kuala Lumpur;

B:  unidentified text, Arkib Negara, Kuala Lumpur.


texts & manuscripts:  A:  1932;    B:  1883.


texts & manuscripts:  Pahang.


46212 words.


to the pages (1-148) and lines of the printed edition.

Editorial notes
The principles underlying Kalthum Jeran's edition are not clearly explained.  The base text is Naskhah A, with comparative reference to Naskhah B.  Based upon Kalthum's very brief account of the differences between the two texts, it is likely that the material added in brackets throughout Kalthum's edited text has come from Naskhah B.  The effect of these additions is to give the narrative a smoother flow without changing its sense.  In the MCP text, Kalthum's full version is presented, with the additions placed between brackets ‹ › .  The inclusion of the additions brings the MCP text closer to the older Naskhah B.
The page headed ‘Lampiran’ appended to Kalthum's text appears to be the additional list of early rulers given at the beginning of Naskhah B.  However it has not been included in the MCP text.
Added:  September 2007
The text was scanned in Canberra by the MCP using Recognita™ OCR.