Hikayat Pandawa Jaya
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Hikayat Pandawa Jaya


Raffles Malay 2, Royal Asiatic Society, London.


text:  perhaps 1350-1400 (Brakel), not later than early 1700s (Braginsky), 1700s (Khalid Hussain);    manuscript:  between 1811 and 1815..


text:  unknown;    manuscript:  Batavia (or Java).


00000 words.


to the pages (1a-146a) and approximated lines of the manuscript, thus:   PandJ 146a:22.


This text was kindly provided by Lioubov Goriaeva

Editorial notes and bibliography
The underlying manuscript is part of Raffles’ manuscript collection in the Royal Asiatic Society, London.  It seems to be the longest of all the Malay narratives based on Mahabharata plot.  Its direct sources are the Old-Javanese kakawins Bharatayuddha and Ghatotkacasraya, framed by a number of wayang stories. Van der Tuuk, 1866 and 1866a, suggests on the basis of the language that the MS was probably written by a native of Java. English paper: Budgen & Wilmott 1811, 36.5 x 24 cm.
According to L.F.Brakel, this manuscript Raffles Malay 2 belongs to the same version of the Malay Mahabharata as manuscript Br.2 (from Brandes’ collection, now stored at National Museum, Jakarta).  In preparing her edition, Lioubov Goriaeva has compared dubious readings with the version published by Khalid M. Hussain, more or less equating to Brandes 2.
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Added:  January 2011.
The digital text was provided by Lioubov Goriaeva.