Editorials in Malay Vernacular Newspapers
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Editorials in Malay Vernacular Newspapers


Mohd. Taib bin Osman (ed.), The Language of the Editorials in Malay Editorials in Malay Vernacular Newspapers up to 1941, Kuala Lumpur: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, 1966.


1877-1935. (For dates of individual items, refer to the list of editorials.)


Singapore and the Malay states.


9754 words, including 19 verses.


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Editorial notes
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As one of the editor’s aims was to investigate the adoption of English terminology, the texts include English words.   Where possible these have been indexed also in their Malay forms.
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Added:  March 2003
The printed text was double-scanned for the MCP in Canberra.  The spelling has been modernised, but the marking of reduplication has been retained as reflecting the practice of the original.