Arabic Political Concepts in Malay
A paper entitled "Dispersing God's shadows: Reflections on the translation of Arabic political concepts into Malay and Indonesian" prepared by Michael Laffan for publication in the project "History of translations into Indonesian and Malaysian languages" led by Henri Chambert-Loir & Monique Zaini-Lajoubert.
Jangan Bungkam Suaraku, Jangan Bunuh Bidangku 
A plea by Amin Sweeney for discipline in philological science, and specifically in the presentation of text editions.  This is best read in conjunction an article Sweeney published earlier on Zamrud, “Yang Tercecer dari Buku”, and the accompanying paper, “Below the Written Tip of Translation: Cross-medial Interaction in Malay”
First steps in classical Malay syntax
An introductory guide to classical Malay syntax prepared for students of classical Malay at the Australian National University by Ian Proudfoot.
Malay as used by English country traders of the 18th century
A paper prepared by George Miller as an exercise for the class in Reading Traditional Malay conducted at the Australian National University in 2008.
Khazanah Fathaniyah
Buku-buku Karya Ulama Patani dan Melayu.  A bibliography of the 30 publications by Khazanah Fathaniyah, with brief outlines of their contents.
Essays from Muhammad Haji Salleh
Both are also available on his web site.
Microfilming and Cataloguing Indonesian Manuscripts
A survey by Dick van der Meij on recent projects to preserve Indonesia's manuscript heritage, based on discussions with Tim Behrend and Alan Feinstein.  The emphasis is on Javanese collections, but Malay material is also discussed, as well as the general issues in conservation.  From IIAS, Leiden.
Is there a 'Penang style' in manuscript illumination?
Paper given by Annabel Teh Gallop at the The Penang Story - International Conference 2002. The paper's full title: "Is there a 'Penang style' of Malay manuscript illumination? Some preliminary comments on the art of the Malay book, with special reference to manuscripts in the Muzium Negeri Pulau Pinang".
Online materials provided by Ian Proudfoot
Perpustakaan Nasional Republik Indonesia
Reel guide to the Javanese and Malay manuscripts of the Indonesian National Library copied under the Southeast Asian Microform Project (SEAM).  The microfilms are held in the Center for Research Libraries, Chicago.
Sejarah Pertumbuhan Bahasa Melayu
Darwis Harahap, Sejarah Pertumbuhan Bahasa Melayu, diterbitkan Penerbit USM pada tahun 1992. Baru-baru ini buku Darwis ini dikeluarkan secara elektronik pada laman Penerbit USM.  Buku ini mengandung perbahasan yang menarik tentang sejarah kuno bahasa Melayu.
Short studies in classical Malay
The Twisting Staff
Extracts from Stephen Shirreffs' unpublished PhD dissertation (University of California at Berkeley), The Twisting Staff: Strategy, Structure and Genre in the Malay Muslim Court Literary Tradition.