Hikayat Abdullah bin `Abdul Kadir
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Hikayat Abdullah bin `Abdul Kadir


Amin Sweeney (ed.), Karya Lengkap Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir Munsyi, jilid 3: Hikayat Abdullah,   Jakarta: Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia & École française dExtrême-Orient, 2006.


Abdullah bin `Abdul Kadir, Hikayat Abdullah bin `Abdul Kadir, Singapore: [Bukit Zion], 1849.


1849 in its final revised form; composition began 1842.




106810 words, including 85 verses


to the pages (1-441) and lines of the Singapore lithographed edition, the pages being indicated in the printed edition, and the lines imputed.


This text was kindly provided by Amin Sweeney

Editorial notes and bibliography
Sweeney presents a meticulous edition of the 1849 lithographed edition.  
He shows in bold words that were written with a thicker pen; in the MCP, these are represented thus: Syahadan.
In his notes he gives the variant readings found in three earlier manuscripts of the text, namely:
•  "Naskah Kongres":  Orient So. Asia 2, Library of Congress, Washington DC.   Copyist: Husain bin Ismail, North's Bugis scribe.  [1843]  (mikroform: PNM Mkm 2445).
•  "Naskah North":  MS Indo 23, Houghton Library, Harvard University.   Copyist: Husain bin Ismail.   [before 1845]  (salinan foto: PNM MS 1307).
•  "Naskah Thomson":  Hocken Library AG 726/5, Hocken Library, Dunedin, Selandia Baru;   copyist unknown.  [probably 1846].  According to Sweeny, this manuscript is probably closest to Abdullah's own manuscript version, but should not be considered the best text.
The text of the 1849 lithographed edition was revised by Abdullah, and the lithographic transfer papers were (almost certainly) copied in his own hand.  The book was published by the missionary Benjamin Keasberry at the Mission Press, "Bukit Zion".

Noteworthy earlier editions:
Hikayat Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir Munsyi, lithographed jawi script, Singapore: Lim Kong Chuan for the Royal Asiatic Society, 1880.
Hikayat Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir Munsyi, 2 vols, rumi script, Singapore: Methodist Publishing House, 1907-08. Malay Literature Series, no.4.
Aman Dato' Madjoindo (ed.), Hikayat Abdullah, Djakarta: Djembatan & Gunung Agung, [1953].   Presents a facsimile of the 1849 edition (except for pages 412-415).
English translation:
A.H. Hill (tr.), "The Hikayat Abdullah, an annotated translation", Journal of the Malayan Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, volume 28, part 3 (1955), reprinted Kuala Lumpur: Oxford University Press, 1970.
Added:  December 2007
A pre-publication provisional digital text was provided by Amin Sweeney, and adapted to the MCP format.  There may be minor discrepancies between the MCP text and the published text.  In any such case, the published text is to be preferred.
From 1997 to 2007, before Sweeney's text became available, the MCP version of Hikayat Abdullah was based on the edition published in Kuala Lumpur by Pustaka Antara (7th edition), 1997.