Surat al-Anbiya
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Surat al-Anbiya


Hamdan Hassan (ed.),  Surat al-Anbiya', Kuala Lumpur: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, 1992.


MS Maxwell 22 & 23, Royal Asiatic Society, London.


text:  1700s;    manuscript:  1877.


text:  unknown;    manuscript:  Melaka.


180551 words


to the pages (123-710) and lines of the printed edition.

Editorial notes and bibliography
In the introduction to his edition, Hamdan Hassan gives an extensive survey of manuscript sources for Surat al-Anbiya'.  
The text presents the following stories:
Kisah Nabi Allah Adam `alaihi 's-salam
Kisah Nabi Allah Idris `alaihi 's-salam
Kisah Nabi Allah Nuh `alaihi 's-salam
Kisah Nabi Allah Hud `alaihi 's-salam
Kisah Nabi Allah Salleh `alaihi 's-salam
Kisah Nabi Allah Ibrahim `alaihi 's-salam
Kisah Nabi Allah Ismail
Kisah Nabi Allah Yaakub `alaihi 's-salam
Kisah Nabi Allah Yusuf `alaihi 's-salam
Kisah Nabi Allah Musa `alaihi 's-salam
Kisah Qarun
Kisah Nabi Allah Musa `alaihi 's-salam
Kisah Nabi Allah Yusak `alaihi 's-salam
Kisah Galot
Kisah Nabi Allah Khantalah `alaihi 's-salam
Kisah Daud `alaihisalam
Kisah Shadad laknatullah
Kisah Nabi Sulaiman `alaihi 's-salam
Kisah negeri Saba'
Kisah Nabi Allah Armia `alaihi 's-salam
Kisah Bakhtanasir
Kisah Nabi Allah Zakaria `alaihi 's-salam
Ceritera Bakhtanasir
Ceritera Raja Tabang
Kisah Nabi Allah Yunus `alaihi 's-salam
Editorial practice
The transcription has been slightly changed in a few contexts, mainly to regularize old spellings, e.g. changing Yusof to Yusuf, Ya`kob to Yaakub, napoh to napuh, etc.  Some variant forms of proper names have been harmonized.  In addition, some verbal word divisions have been changed, e.g. from ku perbaikkan to kuperbaikkan.   Some punctuation has been improved, particularly the use of quotation marks.
The use of brackets to denote additions omissions has been reversed to comply with MCP practice: viz. [ ] for editorial additions; ( ) for material to be omitted.
The many dittographies in the manuscript have been faithfully transcribed by Hamdan Hassan, and have been retained in the MCP text, indicated by ( ).
The text contains 512 Quranic quotations, plus many Arabic utterances.   In general these are explicated in the Malay text.   The Arabic text has always been indicated but often omitted from the MCP version; when it has been included, has generally not been indexed.
M.C. Ricklefs & P. Voorhoeve, Indonesian manuscripts in Great Britain: a catalogue of manuscripts in Indonesian languages in British public collections, Oxford University Press, 1977. Pp.145-146.
Added:  January 2006
The printed edition was scanned and recognized in Canberra and using Recognita™ software.