Syair Sultan Fansuri
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Syair Sultan Fansuri


Henri Chambert-Loir, “Le Dit du Sultan de Barus” in Daniel Perret (ed.) Sejarah Barus, jilid 3, Paris: Association Archipel — in the press.


Cod.Or. 3303, Lieden University Library, I-1 (pp.1-15).


text:  1812;    manuscript:  1852-1857.


text:  Barus;    manuscript:  Barus   (Sutan Ibadat, copy by Van der Tuuk).


2326 words, comprising 512 verses


to the pages (1-15) and couplets of the underlying manuscript.


This text was kindly provided by Henri Chambert-Loir

Editorial notes and bibliography
The verse has very irregular rhyme and prosody, perhaps partly original, perhaps in part because of gaps or corruptions.  The language sometimes has a Minangkabau flavour.  Unexpectedly it uses dotted dal (ð) in a few words, including suðah, gunðah.
The verses are followed by a colophon, then by a further prose text of 30 pages.  The prose text is not available to the MCP.  It is partly an addendum to the verse text, and partly covers earlier historical events.
Chanbert-Loir comments that there are about a dozen Malay historical texts relating to Barus. Among these are the texts edited by Drakard (2003), also available here as Asal Keturunan Raja Barus and Tambo Barus Hilir
•  Drakard, Jane. Sejarah Raja-Raja Barus ; Dua Naskah dari Barus, Jakarta : Gramedia Pustaka Utama -- EFEO, 2003.
•  Wieringa, E.P. Catalogue of Malay and Minangkabau Manuscripts in the Library of Leiden University and other Collections in the Netherlands, Volume Two Comprising the H.N. van der Tuuk Bequest Acquired by the Leiden University Library in 1896, Leiden, Leiden University Library, 2007 (Bibliotheca Universitatis Leidensis, Codices Manuscripti XL): pp.207-208.
Added:  June 2009.
A pre-publication digital text was provided by Chambert-Loir.  There may be minor discrepancies between the MCP text and the published text.  In any such case, the published text is to be preferred.