Syair Hamzah Fansūrī
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Syair Hamzah Fansūrī


G.W.J. Drewes & L.F. Brakel, The Poems of Hamzah Fansuri,  Dordrecht: Foris, 1986.  Bibliotheca Indonesica no.26, published for the Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde.

J. Doorenbos, De Geschriften van Hamzah Pansoeri,  dissertation, University of Leiden, 1933.


see below.


text:  late 1700s;    manuscripts:  see below.


text:  Aceh;    manuscripts:  see below.


16521 words, comprising 3546 verses.


The poem number, stanza number and verse (abcd):
1-32:the poems in Drewes & Brakel
33-44:    the further poems appearing in Doorenbos, pp.61-89
45:the poem appearing in Doorenbos, pp.118-119
46:fragments of Syair Perahu,  Doorenbos, pp.16-17
47:fragments of Syair Dagang,  Doorenbos, pp.21-33.


A part of this text was kindly provided by Gijsbert Koster

Further information
A list of pages references linking the poem numbers to page references in Doorenbos is available.

Underlying manuscripts
 1-32:   (Drewes & Brakel)
National Library of Indonesia, MS Malay no.83 (Van Ronkel no.DXVII)
date:  unknown;
provenance:  unknown.
 33-44:   (Doorenbos)
Leiden University Library, Codex 2016
date:  early seventeenth century
provenance:  Sultan Abu 'l-Mahasin Zain al-Abidin of Banten (1690-1733)
This manuscript contains many archaic spellings.
 45:   (Doorenbos)
Leiden University Library, Codex 3374
date:  1853  --  tammat syair 16 [Syaaban 1269]  (25 May 1853);  sudah teratur Jumaat 18 Syaaban 1269  (27 May 1853);
provenance:  Barus, N.W. Sumatra; copied for van der Tuuk.
 46-47:   (Doorenbos)
National Library of Indonesia, MS Malay no.32
date:  unknown;
provenance:  unknown.
Editorial notes
Drewes and Brakel offer a critical edition, based on MS Malay no.83, but employing six other manuscripts, dated from 1704 to 1853.
Doorenbos is more diplomatic and conservative, giving texts based on a single manuscript, but noting variant readings in other manuscripts where they are available.  In making his transcription, Koster has modernised the spelling of the Doorenbos edition and has improved the verse divisions in Doorenboos' text in several places.
Some inconsistencies in spelling stem from the use of two underlying manuscript texts, and also the differing transcription policies for Arabic.
Added:  1998
The text was first edited and keyed in by Koster;  it was subsequently adapted for use in this project.