Hujjat al-Siddīq li Daf‘ al-Zindīq
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Hujjat al-Siddīq li Daf‘ al-Zindīq


Syed Muhammad Naguib Al-Attas, Rānīrī and the Wujūdiyyah of 17th Century Acheh, Singapore: MBRAS, 1966.  Monographs of the Malaysian Branch Royal Asiatic Society, 3.


Maxwell no.93, Royal Asiatic Sociey, London.


text:  between 1641 and 1644;    commentary:  unknown, though Naquib al-Attas attributes it to Rānīrī.;    manuscript:  1772.


text:  Aceh, composed by Nūr ul-Dīn al-Rānīrī.;    manuscript:  unknown, copied by Encik `Abdul Aziz > Maxwell.


5009 words.


to the pages (80-97) and lines of the published edition;
marginal commentary in the manuscript is marked with * and enclosed in « ».

Editorial notes
The text is presented in the edition of Naquib al-Attas, except that:
•  diacritics on Arabic words used in a Malay context have been omitted, and
•  some old spellings have modernized.
Al-Rānīrī wrote this text as a refutation of the teachings of Hamzah Fansūrī, which he regarded as heretical.  The charges made by al-Rānīrī against these deviant beliefs are summarised by Naquib al-Attas under five heads:
1.  That they identify God, the world and man.
2.  That they see God's essence as completely immanent in the world.
3.  That they believe that God is Simple Being.
4.  That they believe the Qur´an to be created.
5.  That they believe in the eternity of the world.
The manuscript contains a few short marginal glosses and commentary.   These are anchored in the manuscript text using numbers written above the line.   In the MCP version, these marginal comments are treated as part of the text, identified by being enclosed in double braces « ».  Please note that this will unavoidably affect proximity searches.
Syed Muhammad Naguib al-Attas, The Mysticism of Hamzah Fansūrī, Kuala Lumpur: University of Malaya Press, 1970. Appendix IV, pp.485-489 — gives excerpts of the text.
Syed Muhammad Naguib al-Attas, A Commentary on the Hujjat al-Siddīq of Nūr al-Dīn al-Rānīrī, Kuala Lumpur: Ministry of Culture, 1986 — includes the text in printed Arabic script (53-79) and a translation (83-106).
P.Voorhoeve, Twee Maleise geschriften van Nūruddīn ar-Rānīrī in facsimile uitgegeven met aantekeningen, Leiden: Brill, 1955 — reproduces the manuscript Maxwell no.93.
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