Hikayat Iblis
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Hikayat Iblis


MS Cop. Schoemann V. 44, Prussische Staatsbibliotheek, Berlin.


text:  unknown;    manuscript:  1846.


text:  unknown;    manuscript:  Javanese;  on the cover-leaf of the manuscript “Adapun hikayat ini Agus Ahmad yang empunya.”


2562 words.


to the pages (1-19) and lines of the manuscript.


This text was kindly provided by Raimy Che’ Ross

Editorial notes
The manuscript bears two dates: on the cover-leaf 1261 [January-December 1845], and in the colophon 4 Maulud 1262 [= 2 March 1846].
This text is accompanied in the manuscript by four others in the same genre, namely:  Hikayat Puteri Salamah, Hikayat Bulan Dibelah Dua, Takbir Mimpi, and Surat Tamsil.
Raimy Che-Ross comments: “The Jawi in this manuscript is generally clear but rather coarse and contains a few spelling errors.”
The full text of Hikayat Iblis was earlier posted on the web by Raimy Che-Ross, and is now presented by Mohamed Yosri Mohamed Yong at http://sumarno.wordpress.com/category/hikayat/.  This text may differ in some details from the text edited for the MCP.
Added:  1998
A transcription of the manuscript was prepared in by Raimy Che-Ross from the microfilm copy held in the Malay Manuscripts Centre of the National Library of Malaysia (microfilm no. 376). This was modified slightly for the MCP.
Some readings of the manuscript remain obscure.