Hikayat Putera Jaya Pati
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Hikayat Putera Jaya Pati


Wahyunah Abd. Gani (ed.), Hikayat Putera Jayapati, Kuala Lumpur: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, 2004.  Siri Warisan Sastera Klasik.


Add. 3787, Cambridge University Library.


text:  unknown;    manuscript:  1819.


text:  ? Kedah;    manuscript:  Kedah,   collected by R.J. Wilkinson.


26912 words, including 152 verses


to the pages (1-157) of the underlying manuscript.

Editorial notes and bibliography
Wahyunah Abd. Gani (pp.xxii-xxiii) discusses the three manuscripts of this text found in Cambridge University Library, but does not explicitly indicate which has been used for this edition.  Confusingly, she quotes a colophon which very closely resembles that of the edited text and matches the date of Add. 3787, but attributes it to Add. 3775.   Considering this resemblance, and the pagination of the manuscript, it seems clear that in fact Add. 3787 has been transcribed.   Wahyunah's edition puts the colophon on p.156 of the mansucript, but this must be an error for p.157.
The copying of the manuscript in Kedah is supported by the colophon, but in the version quoted on p.xxiii   Kedah is transcribed as padanya.  In support of the Kedah provenance, Wahyunah identifies some influences of the northern dialect.
The text resembles Hikayat Indera Putera, both in content and manner.   After giving his summary, Winstedt remarks:
In plot this romance is little more than a short redaction of the Hikayat Indraputra.  The princeling who astrologers prophesy will be carried off by a four-legged creature, who on his travels eats shellfish that come to life when the shells are cast back into the water, who is warned by a skull that a fierce demon haunts the lake, who defeats a demon pretending to sleep, who stays with a gardener and flies by night to a princess' bower, who is helped by warrior genies in his fight for the princess' hand, who returns home at last with his bride and succeeds his father as Sultan – all these episodes occur in the longer romance.
R.O. Winstedt, "Hikayat Putera Jaya Pati", Journal of the Straits Branch, Royal Asiatic Society, no.85 (1922), pp.54-57. — gives a summary of the story.
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