Syair Kiamat
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Syair Kiamat


Muhammad Fanani, Syair Kiamat dalam Sastera Indonesia Lama, Jakarta: Pusat Pembinaan dan Pengembangan Bahasa, Departemen Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan, 1996.


Ml. 756 (van de Wall 288), Perpustakaan Nasional Republik Indonesia, Jakarta.


text:  not known;    manuscript:  1865.


text:  Riau, copied by Encik Husin Bugis, probably for van de Wall;
manuscript:  Riau, collected by van de Wall.


10267 words, comprising 2347 verses


to the pages (1-63) of the underlying manuscript, and the stanzas on each page.

Editorial notes
The text of page 64 of the manuscript, following the colophon on p.63, has been omitted from the MCP version.  It duplicates p. 4 and the first line of p.5;  moreover it makes no sense in its position at the end of the manuscript.
The text contains many words which are not found in standard dictionaries.  As many of these are rhyme-words, it may be that they were modified or invented for the purpose.  As an illustration, consider this stanza (47:10):
Suaranya gemuruh terlalu engar,
Bagaikan tuli telinga mendengar,
Tambahan lakunya terlalu sengar,
Ke kiri, ke kanan matanya mengar.
There are evidently some anachronisms in the transliteration, for example: fisik for fasik (11:6c), hamparan sofa dan sohlat for hamparan suf dan sakhlat (34:8b), hamparan coklat dan beledu for hamparan sakhlat dan beledu (57:10b).
Added:  2001
The Dewan Bahasa 1992 edition was scanned for the MCP in Canberra using Recognita™ OCR.