Surat Perjanjian Riau-Belanda
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Surat Perjanjian Riau-Belanda


Surat-Surat Perdjandjian antara Kesultanan Riau dengan Pemerintahan2 V.O.C dan Hindia-Belanda, 1784-1909, Djakarta: Arsip Nasional Republik Indonesia, 1970.


materials in Arsip Nasional Republic Indonesia, Jakarta, in many cases extracts from the Government Gazette (Staatsblad), listed below.


1784 - 1909, as below.


Riau or Batavia.


36084 words.


to the pages (4..254) and lines of the printed edition.

Archival materials
# date
4-9 1784Articles of Capitulation
12-31 1784Treaty of Friendship
32-35 1784Agreement
37-53 1818Contract
55-63 1820Contract
65-68 1823Subsequent agreement
70-87 1830Contract
89-89 1857Attestation to Contract of 1830
91-115 1857Contract
116 1858Signing of the Contract of 1857
117-126 [1858]List of territories
127-130 [1858]Decree on mining
131-137 1857Decree on alienation of land
142-146 1857List of customary taxes
147-148 1857Letter from Raja Muda to Resident Nieuwenhuijzen
149-152 1857Proposed amendments to the Contract
154-158 1857Response
159-159 1857Letter from Raja Muda to Resident
160-162 1857Minute
163-166 1857Royal decree on mining leases
168-170 1859Installation of Raja Muda
172-174 1864Revised list of islands belonging to the kingdom
182-185 1868Contract
188-191 1881Supplementary contract
193-196 1884Act and Declaration
199-201 1887Supplementary contract
199-201 1888Supplementary contract
203-216 1897Supplementary agreement
219-221 1898Supplementary contract
223-227 1899Supplementary contract
229-230 1898Minute
231-232 1898Minute
234-234 1898Minute
237-274 1905Contract
279-283 Appendix: taxes and levies
286-288 1905Minute
290-298 1907Supplementary contract
300-302 1909Supplementary contract
Editorial notes and bibliography
These texts are translations from legal-bureaucratic Dutch, are examples of the Malay used for admininstrative purposes in the Indies.  The style has rightly been called Melayu Blanda.  This "translationese" is characterised by long and convoluted stretches of prose.   In sections it is very difficult to understand without reference to the parallel Dutch text, real or imagined.
Both punctuation and spelling have been considerably edited.   Punctuation in the original is minimal.   Spellings apparently reflect transcriptions made at different times, a few contemporary.   The transcriptions inconsistently distinguish between kaf besar (q) and kaf kecil (k), and between sin (s) and sad (sh); they also indiscriminately end words with k (e.g. ta'luk), q (ta'loq), and ´ (ta'lo') — these distinctions have not been preserved.
cap:   text of a seal;
ttd.:   tanda tangan (signature) [in Balinese script].
Dutch personal names — only the surname is included in the general index, as far as possible in the Dutch form; forenames are only indexed in the wordlist, and only as they appear in the text.
Lists of islands making up the territory of Riau, Lingga and Dependencies have not been included.
Added:  November 2008
The text was scanned in Canberra by the MCP using Omnipage™ 16 OCR, and its spelling modernised.  The source was difficult to scan, and the software used, Omnipage, has proved unreliable.  Therefore the results have to be treated with caution.  In particular Omnipage occasionally omits words and reorders lines of text.   Caveat emptor.