Raja Inggeris Jubili
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Raja Inggeris Jubili


B. Murtagh, "Two Malay poems commemorating Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee of 1887", Jurnal Filologi Melayu, jilid 11, 2003.


SOAS MS 46944, School of Oriental and African Studies, London.


text & manuscript:  1887.


text & manuscript:  probably Singapore or Malacca.


355 words, comprising 80 verses.


to the serially numbered stanzas (1-20) of the text.


This text was kindly provided by Ben Murtagh

Editorial notes and bibliography
This syair celebrates the Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1887.  The text has been carefully edited by Ben Murtagh for publication in Jurnal Filologi Melayu.  Murtagh comments: 
It is a short syair of 20 stanzas, laudatory in style, is mainly concerned with describing the virtues of Queen Victoria on the occasion of her being fifty years on the throne. No mention is made in this panegyric of authorship or the date of composition. It is likely that the poem was composed in the year of the Golden Jubilee 1887.
The manuscript SOAS MS 46944 contains miscellaneous poems collected by W.E. Maxwell (Ricklefs and Voorhoeve, 1977: 166) including hand-written translations of God Save the Queen in Malay and Urdu, both in roman script, together with a printed copy of the Malay version.
Added:  March 2003
A pre-publication digital text was provided by Ben Murtagh, and adapted to the MCP format.