Sharāb al-`Āshikīn
Minumam segala Orang yang Berahi
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Sharāb al-`Āshikīn


Syed Muhammad Naguib al-Attas, The Mysticism of Hamzah Fansūrī, Kuala Lumpur: University of Malaya Press, 1970. Chapter XI, pp.297-328.


Cod.Or. 2016, Leiden University Library, fol. 6v-19r.


text:  ~1580;    manuscript:  1704.


text:  Aceh;    manuscript:  Banten, Sultan Abu'l-Mahasin Muhammad Zainu'l-Abidin.


5369 words.


to the pages (1-26) of the manuscript, and the sections of the text (i, 1-61) as numbered by Al-Attas, thus:   SA 1/i  -  SA 26/61.

Editorial notes and bibliography
Cod.Or. 2016 is an anthology of writings, mainly in verse, by Hamzah Fansuri and `Abd al-Jamal.   Sharāb al-`Āshikīn is the largest work.  Its text is fully vocalised.
Al-Attas edits the text carefully, noting all his emendations and corrections.  His aim has been to create a readable text, rather than to preserve the original text.  In general, these emendations have been omitted from the MCP text, except where they seem quite necessary for the sense of the text.  The policy followed for Asrār al-`Ārifīn has been applied here.
Al-Attas has also referred to Cod.Or. 7291 (5), a much later manuscript, which gives a slightly more verbose text.  In some instances, Al-Attas has imported clauses and phrases from Cod.Or. 7291 to clarify or gloss the text of Cod.Or. 2016.  In the MCP, this imported text is enclosed in angle brackets < >.
1  7-11 Bābu'l-Awwal fī Bayān A`māli'l-Sharī`at.
Bāb yang Pertama pada Menyatakan Perbuatan Sharī`at.
2 12-19 Bābu'l-Thānī fī Bayān A`māli'l-Tarīqat.
Bāb yang Kedua pada Menyatakan Perbuatan Tarīqat.
3 20-26 Bābu'l-Thālith fī Bayān A`māli'l-Haqīqat.
Bāb yang Ketiga pada Menyatakan Perbuatan Haqīqat.
4 27-34 Bābu'l-Rābi` fī Bayān Ma`rifati'Llāhi Ta`ālā.
Bāb yang Keempat pada Menyatakan Ma`rifat Allāh Ta`ālā.
5 35-45 Bābu'l-Khāmis fī Bayān Tajalliyāti Dhāti ['l-]Bārī Ta`ālā.
Bāb yang Kelima pada Menyatakan Kenyataan Dhāt Tuhan yang Mahatinggi
6 46-54 Bābu'l-Sādis fī Bayān Sifāti['Llāhi] Subhānahu wa Ta`ālā.
Bāb yang Keenam pada Menyatakan Sifāt Allāh Subhānahu wa Ta`ālā
7 55-59 Bābu'l-Sābi` fī Bayāni'l-`Ishqi wa'l-Shukr.
Bāb yang Ketujuh pada Menyatakan Berahi dan Shukur
J. Doorenbos, De geschriften van Hamzah Pansoeri, Leiden: Batteljee & Terpstra, 1933 — also gives a transcription of the text.
G.W.J. Drewes & L.F. Brakel, The Poems of Hamzah Fansuri .. accompanied by the Javanese translations of two of his prose works, Dordrecht: Foris (for KITLV), 1986 — provides the Javanese text on pp.226-242, followed by comments often comparing the Javanese version to the Malay version in Al-Attas’ transcription, pp.242-250.
S.M.N. Al-Attas, Rānīrī and the Wujūdiyyah of Seventeenth Century Acheh, Kuala Lumpur: MBRAS, 1966.
Added:  October 2010.
The printed edition was scanned in Canberra by the MCP using Abbyy™ Finereader OCR, and its spelling modernised.