Hikayat Kerajaan Sikka
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Hikayat Kerajaan Sikka


Manuscript 64 in the inventory of the manuscripts of A.P. Boer and D.D.P. Kondi compiled by E.D. Lewis in 1998, 2000, and 2002, in the collection of Oscar Pareira Mandalangi, Maumere, Flores.


text:  1925-1953;    manuscript:  apparently retyped (in modern spelling) 1978-79.


text:  Flores;    manuscript:  Flores, office of the Bupati of Sikka.


78397 words, including 825 verses (all verses in Sara Sikka).


to the pages (1-256) of the underlying manuscript, as estimated (not being indicated in the digitally transcribed text).


This text was kindly provided by E. Douglas Lewis

Editorial notes and bibliography
D.D.P. Kondi's text is synthesised with another by A.P. Boer in the text published by Lewis & Mandalangi, Hikayat Kerajaan Sikka.  Kondi's text was apparently compiled over many years.  The earlier parts deal with the past history of Sikka.  These include quotations from (probably) oral traditions in the form of Sikka verse.  The latermost parts are records of contemporary events.
Sikka words, many geographical names, and personal names of Posthouders have not been entered in the main index.  They may be found by referring to the word lists for this text.
E. Douglas Lewis & Oscar Pareira Mandalangi, Sejarah Kerajaan Sikka. Edisi Gabungan dari Dua Tulisan Tangan Tentang Sumber dan Sejarah Kerajaan Sikka oleh Dominicus Dionitius Pareira Kondi dan Alexius Boer Pareira, Penerbit Ledalero, Maumere, 2008.
Added:  July 2009.
A digital transcription of the manuscript was provided Douglas Lewis.