Syair Tawarikh Zainal Abidin yang Ketiga
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Syair Tawarikh Zainal Abidin yang Ketiga


Muhammad Yusoff Hashim (ed.), Terengganu Darul Iman: Tradisi Persejarahan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, 1991.

print source:

Syair Tawarikh Zainal-Abidin Yang Ketiga, 2 vols., Singapore: Ahmad Press, n.d. [1936]


text & print source:  1936.


text:  Terengganu, composed by Tengku Dalam Kalthum binti Tengku Wok Khazaki, Kota [Istana] Maziah, [Kuala Terengganu], sister of Sutlan Zainal Abidin III.    print source:  Singapore.


53116 words, comprising 12327 verses.


to the volumes (1-2) and numbered stanzas of the edition (1-1541, 1-1543);
thus: TZA 1.253.

Editorial notes and bibliography
Muhammad Yusoff Hashim uses three sources:
A.  manuscript in private hands, Terengganu (covering volume 1 only); probably the draft written by Tengku Dalam Kalthum.
B.  the Singapore printed book.
C.  manuscript held by Puan Aminah, in the former residence of Tengku Dalam Kalthum, Terengganu (covering volume 1 only).
He presents the text of B, the printed edition, with copious notes indicating variant readings in A and C.  The printed edition is closest to A, which often provides more standard variants for local Terengganu forms found in B.  These local forms have been retained in the text presented here, but have been indexed as standard forms when possible.   Thus, for example, licing is also indexed as licin.
In extensive notes, Muhammad Yusoff Hashim includes many parallel passages found in other syair.
Added:  November 2009.
The printed edition was scanned in Canberra by the MCP using Abbyy™ Finereader OCR.