Golden Letters / Surat Emas
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Golden Letters / Surat Emas


Annabel Teh Gallop (with Bernard Arps), Golden Letters: Writing Traditions of Indonesia / Surat Emas: Budaya Tulis di Indonesia, London: British Library / Jakarta: Yayasan Lontar, 1991.


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to the numbered letters and paragraphs of Gallop's edition;  with the additional symbols:     0  kepala surat    c  cap    k  colophon / kolofon   

List of Letters
1Sultan Aceh Iskandar Muda kepada King James I of England
→  Wrkh 5   Warisan Warkhah Melayu
1615Bodleian, MS Laud Or.Rolls b.1
2Surat izin berdagang di Aceh
→  Wrkh 3   Warisan Warkhah Melayu
transliterated by Shellabear, “An Account”, 126-8; spelling modernised;
reproduced and glossed by Lewis,
Handbook, 143-148.
1602Bodleian MS Douce Or.e.4
3Raja Ambon di Makasar kepada Gubernur, East India Company20 Syakban 1068 (1658)BL IOR Original Corresp. E/3/25 f.252r
4Sultan Tidore Kaicil Nuku kepada Gubernur Inggris di Bengkulu
transliterated by E.U. Kratz
14 Jumadilawal 1199 (1785)SOAS MS 40320 vol.11 f.151r
5Sultan Ternate Kaicil Muhammad Yasin kepada Komisaris Inggris di Ambon26 Zulhijah 1216 (1802)BL Add. 18141, f.2r
6T.S. Raffles di Melaka kepada raja-raja di Jawa
→  Wrkh 38   Warisan Warkhah Melayu
22 Zulkaidah 1225 (1810)BL MSS Eur. D.742/1, f.132-33
7Proklamasi Batavia jatuh12 August 1811BL Or.9484
8Raja Buleleng kepada T.S. Raffles1 Safar 1226 (1811)BL MSS Eur. D.742/1, f.71
9Sultan Pontianak Syarif Kasim kepada T.S. Raffles
→  Wrkh 47   Warisan Warkhah Melayu
20 Muharram 1226 (1811)BL MSS Eur. D.742/1, f.33a
10Sultan Pontianak Syarif Kasim kepada T.S. Raffles15 Safar 1229 (1814)BL MSS Eur. E.378/1
11Sultan Pontianak Syarif Uthman kepada Baron van der Capellan7 Jumadilakhir 1241 (1826)CUL Or.368b
12Sultan Riau-Johor Mahmud Syah kepada T.S. Raffles
→  Wrkh 41   Warisan Warkhah Melayu
9 Zulhijah 1225 (1811)BL MSS Eur. F.148/4, f.105
13Sayid Muhammad Zain al-Kudsi di Lingga kepada T.S. Raffles
→  Wrkh 42   Warisan Warkhah Melayu
10 Zulhijah 1225 (1811)BL MSS Eur. F.148/4, f.106
14Datuk Suliwatang di Lingga kepada Baron van der Capellan
→  Wrkh 80   Warisan Warkhah Melayu
2 Syakban 1239 (1824)CUL Or.639
15Sultan Cakra Adiningrat di Madura kepada T.S. Raffles14 Muharam 1231 (1816)BL MSS Eur. E.378/7
16Sultan Cakra Adiningrat di Madura kepada Baron van der Capellan1 Rejab 1241 (1826)CUL Or.637
17Panembahan Sumenep kepada T.S. Raffles3 Jumadilakhir 1231 (1816)BL Add.45273, f.28v-29r
18Reynier de Klerk di Batavia kepada Sultan Muhammad Bahauddin di Palembang15 August 1782BL MSS Eur. D.742/1, f.58-59
19Sultan Palembang Husain Diyauddin kepada Guburnur-Jenderal Belanda di Batavia [Baron van der Capellan]
→  Wrkh 76   Warisan Warkhah Melayu
2 Syakban 1238 (1823)CUL Or.640

BL = British Library, London
Bodleian = Bodleian Library, Oxford
CUL = Cambridge University Library
SOAS = School of Oriental and African Studies, London
Editorial remarks:
All the letters are beautifully illustrated in Golden Letters / Surat Emas.
Annabel Teh Gallop (with E. Ulrich Kratz), The Legacy of the Malay Letter : Warisan Warkah Melayu,  London: British Library for the National Archives of Malaysia, 1994. Lampiran I: 100 pucuk surat Melayu.
M.B. Lewis, A Handbook of Malay Script, London: Macmillan, 1958.
W.G. Shellabear, “An Account of some of the Oldest Malay Mss. now Extant”, Journal of the Straits Branch, Royal Asiatic Society, 31 (1898): 107-151.
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