Hikayat Tanah Hitu
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Hikayat Tanah Hitu


Hans Straver, Chris van Fraassen & Jan van der Putten (ed.), Ridjali: Historie van Hitu. Een Ambonse geschiedenis uit de zeventiende eeuw. Utrecht: LSEM (Landelijk Steunpunt Educatie Molukkers), 2004.


Cod.Or. 5448, Leiden University Library.


text:  ±1650;    manuscript:  < 1662.


text & manuscript:  Ambon.


21565 words


to the pages (1-105) and chapters (II-XXVI) of the underlying manuscript, as indicated in the printed edition;   thus: 83,XXVI


This text was kindly provided by Hans Strever on behalf of the editors
and the Landelijk Steunpunt Educatie Molukkers

Editorial notes
The editors give a very well researched history of the text and its manuscripts in the Introduction to their publication.
The text survives in three forms:
•  A manuscript in Arabic script in the possession of G.K. Niemann was acquired by Leiden University in 1906 as Cod.Or. 5448. It is copied on seventeenth century paper, and belonged to a nephew of the author Ridjali prior to 1662.
•  A transcription into Latin script made in Hitulama about 1920, acquired by H.J. Jansen. This is not a complete text, but its deficiencies can be largely rectified from other versions. Only the first page and a small section on page 96 are missing from all extant sources. This transcription survives in two forms:
•  It was published in an unidentified magazine in Ambon, and a typescript copy of the published version is at Leiden Cod.Or 8756a.
•  A copy with Jansen’s Dutch translation on facing pages was provided by Jansen to B.J.O. Schrieke in 1926, and is now found at Leiden Cod.Or. 8756.
•  A summary in Dutch in Valentijn's Oud en Nieuw Oost-Indiën.
The text published by Staver, van Fraassen & van der Putten is based on the transcription of Cod.Or. 5448 by Z.J. Manusama in his doctoral dissertation of 1977. The transcription has been slightly corrected and some lacunae or places where the text is illegible have been filled in by comparison with Cod.Or. 8756 or the summary of the text given in Valentijn, Oud en Nieuw Oost-IndiŽn.
Added:  March 2005
A digital version of the published text was provided by Hans Straver, and adapted to the MCP format.  In case there are minor discrepancies between the MCP text and the published text.  In any such case, the published text is to be preferred.