Taj al-Salatin   (ed. Khalid)
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Taj al-Salatin (ed. Khalid)


Bukhari al-Jauhari, Taj al-Salatin, ed. Khalid M. Hussain, Kuala Lumpur: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, 1992.  Edisi Pelajar.


Cod. Or. 3053, Lieden University Library.


text:  ca. 1603 – however there are anachronisms in the manuscript text;    manuscript:  undated, probably late 1700s.


text:  Aceh;    manuscript:  not known, possibly Java;  formerly owned by P.J. Veth.


65281 words, including 99 verses


to the pages (1-222) and lines of the printed edition.

Editorial notes
Two variant versions of this important text are included in the MCP, one based on Roorda’s text and edited by Lioubov Goriaeva (TS.R), and this one edited by Khalid M. Hussain (TS.K).   The Roorda text is slightly longer.
Khalid Hussain presents a largely diplomatic edition of the Leiden manuscript, supplemented in a few instances by comparisons to the Johor lithographed edition of 1879.  Some egregious inconsistencies in the transliteration have been corrected, though many more remain.
Khalid's edition gives quotations from the Qur'an, Hadiths and other quotes from Arabic and Persian sources in Arabic script.  A few of these are transcribed; most have been simply been signalled as present in the text.  For Qur'anic quotations, the surah and verse have been indicated.
The transcription often (though inconsistently) represents the Arabic letters `ain by ` and hamza by '.  This is reflected in the MCP text.
Kitab Taj al-Salatin ertinya Mahkota Segala Raja-Raja,  Johor Bahru: Encik Wan Umar b. Ungku Ahmad, 1296 [1879]
Catalogue of Malay and Minangkabau Manuscripts in the Library of Leiden University and other collections in the Netherlands. Volume one, comprising the acquisitions of Malay mansucripts in Leiden University up to the year 1896. Compliled by E.P. Wieringa, edited by Joan de Lijster-Streef and Jan Just Witkam, Leiden: Legatum Warnerianum, 1998: p.487.
Added:  1999 - April 2000
The Dewan Bahasa 1992 edition was scanned for the MCP in Canberra using Recognita™ OCR, and subsequently edited.
Only fair.  The variable quality of the print has degraded the OCR. If you detect errors or omissions,