Taj al-Salatin   (ed. Roorda)
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Taj al-Salatin (ed. Roorda)


P.P. Roorda van Eysinga (ed.), De Kroon aller koningen, van Bocharie van Djohor, naar een oud Maleische geschrift vertaald, Batavia: Lands Drukkerij, 1827.


[based on 5 manuscripts not indicated by Roorda].


text:  1602.   


text:  Aceh or Johor.


65076 words, including 99 verses.


to the pages (1-228) and lines of the printed edition.


This text was kindly provided by Lioubov Goriaeva

Editorial notes
Two variant versions of this important text are included in the MCP, this one based on Roorda’s text and edited by Lioubov Goriaeva (TS.R), and the other edited by Khalid M. Hussain (TS.K).   The Roorda text is slightly longer.
Lioubov Goriaeva presents a careful transcription of Roorda’s edition.
Roorda’s edition includes the Malay text in Jawi script with parallel Dutch translation followed by 3 pages of editor’s notes.   The text prepared by Lioubov Goriaeva is a transcription of the text with footnotes pertaining to difficult or dubious readings of the Jawi-written words.   Quotations from the QurŽan have been included in the transcription provided by transliteration.org.  Other Arabic and Persian quotations are not transcribed, however almost all of them are translated into Malay by the author (or the copyist).
The notes linked to this transcription treat Arabic and Persian words which are not commonly used in Malay and, also, dubious readings and erroneous spellings of some Malay words.
Added:  June 2006
A pre-publication digital text provided by Lioubov Goriaeva has been adapted to the MCP format.